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Born and raised on Lopez Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State, my initial encounter with journalism began  in high school when I traveled to Southeast Asia and worked on refugee relief projects in Dharmsala, India. The correspondence that I began there, which spanned two separate trips, eventually earned me a local journalism scholarship and enabled me to attend Colorado College.

After  graduating from University with a degree in Sociology and a minor in History I moved to Venezuela in 2006. There I delved more pro-actively into writing and photography as I covered the highly contested presidential elections of Hugo Chavez.

Combining an investigatory, “hard news” approach and raw adventure writing, I have since filed stories from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Alaska and across the continental United States. Whether writing for guide books, documenting a hitchhike across South America, covering breaking politics or immersing myself in obscure cultural traditions, I strive to bring readers to a place they have never been. To provide a window into new experiences and foster interest in the wide world.

With the landscape of journalism and writing changing rapidly in the digital age, I strive to be a multifaceted documentarian, able to utilize print, photo, video and audio. I have worked with a number of publications including, Willamette Week, The Island’s Sounder, Outside Magazine, Beer Northwest Magazine and I also co-authored the first addition of Viva Publication’s guidebook to Argentina and contributed photography to their Colombia guidebook.

I am currently  based out of Portland, Oregon and can be found there enjoying the bounty of the Pacific Northwest unless I am on the road or on assignment.

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“The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences.”

- Jon Krakauer


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